Warlock Eldritch Invocations Table

We’ve crafted a handout to help Warlocks pick their Eldritch Invocations!

Eldritch Invocations Cover
Get it now via the DM’s Guild

This table shows all the Warlock class Eldritch Invocations from the Player’s Handbook and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything including the following information:

  • Level prerequisites
  • Pact/Spell prerequisites
  • Effect summaries
  • Action economy
  • Recharge time
  • Source (by book and page)

It makes leveling up your Warlock a breeze. Decide what Eldritch Invocations to select without spending an age figuring out what options you can even take.

The presentation is catered to ease of use at the table:

  • Summaries help decide what to select without parsing rules text.
  • Sorted by level so you know what you’ve unlocked without spending an age figuring out what options are available.
  • Checklist format for easy tracking.
  • Includes the Eldritch Invocation rule at the top so it can be used as a handout for a new (or forgetful) Warlock player.
  • Fit onto two pages so you can print front-and-back on one sheet of paper.

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