Acrobat (Rogue)

The following material was created by Dungeons & Dragons Franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls for his stream Happy Fun Hour, which you can watch live at on Tuesdays at 4:00 EST or via replays on YouTube. This material is provided to facilitate community testing and feedback.


Flavor text.

Aerial Artistry

Starting at 3rd level, you gain the ability to move with incredible speed, precision, and power. Few obstacles can prevent you from reaching your destination.

When you move, you can instead take two short movements by flying. Each movement is at half your speed, and you must end each one on a creature, solid object, or ground. If you do not, you fall and your movement ends.

Fearless Aerialist

Starting at 9th level, you no longer take damage from falling.

Unchained Agility

At 13th level, your agility, speed, and flexibility allow you to escape from almost any danger. You gain the benefits of freedom of movement.

Aerial Mastery

At 17th level, your Aerial Artistry feature improves. When you move, you can instead take 4 short movements by flying.

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