Marauder (Barbarian)

The following material was created by Dungeons & Dragons Franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls for his stream Happy Fun Hour, which you can watch live at on Tuesdays at 4:00 EST or via replays on YouTube. This material is provided to facilitate community testing and feedback.


  • Speed, agility, and hitting power.
  • A threat vs. a group
  • More attacks?
  • More speed
  • Fluid
  • Raider, pillager, gets in, destroys, and leaves
  • Really feel like a predator – bird of prey, hunting cat
  • Claiming territory

3rd level – defining ability

When you rage, you turn into a tornado of attacks when using two-weapon fighting and using finesse weapons.

10 attacks!

Hit everything in the room!

When you rage, if you use two weapon fighting, you can attack everyone in your reach. Can’t attack a target more than once, but allow for extra attack to pile on.

6th level – ribbon ability

Roleplaying specific

10th level – useful ability

Movement ability – super dash

14th level – combat upgrade

Lay waste – bunch of attacks against one target

Burst of damage, once per rage

Marauder (Barbarian).png