Oath of the Guardian (Paladin)

The following material was created by Dungeons & Dragons Franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls for his stream Happy Fun Hour, which you can watch live at Twitch.tv/DnD on Tuesdays at 4:00 EST or via replays on YouTube. This material is provided to facilitate community testing and feedback.

Oath of the Guardian

Maintain the Balance. Each planar entity and region is important to maintaining the coherence of the whole. Strike at those who would disrupt the workings of the cosmos.

Preserve the Sanctity of Secret Lore. Ensure that only those with the wisdom and insight needed to wield cosmic secrets have access to them.

Dispel Ignorance of the Cosmos. Push back the veil of mystery that fiends can use to cloak their villainous aspirations. Extend our understanding of magic and the plans through exploration and inquiry.

Spread Understanding of the Balance. Share what you have learned responsibly, so that others can understand the scope of the threats you face and help you preserve the world.

3rd Level

  • Channel Divinity: counterspell-like effect, or save boost? AND smite boost vs. aberrations and planar creatures, TBD
  • Oath Spells
    • 3rd (1st): Detect Magic, Identify, Comprehend Languages
    • 5th (2nd): Detect Thoughts, Locate Object
    • 9th (3rd): Clairvoyance, Counterspell
    • 13th (4th): Arcane Eye, Locate Creature
    • 17th (5th): Contact Other Plane, Legend Lore, Scrying

7th Level

  • Arcane Ward:
    • Used like rage (x/day)
    • Creates  aura of resistance against energy of your choice
    • Helps counter resistance

15th Level

  • Disruptive Smite: When you smite someone, they have trouble using magic and special abilities.

20th Level

  • Transformative ability
  • Lasts 1 minute
    • shuts down enemy spells nearby by cancelling saves and boosting saves
    • Antimagic aura vs. creatures as per spell


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