Psion Disciplines

At-Will ESP Cantrip

  • Contact minds
  • Speak with other creatures
  • Alter mood or minor control effect
  • Mind blast? AoE? Boosted damage?

At-Will Lore Cantrip

  • Find hidden knowledge
  • Discover things
  • Divination spells

At-Will Telekinetic Cantrip

  • Move things at a distance
  • Bludgeoning damage
  • Hold things/creatures in place
  • Flight or movement\

At-Will Construct/Path Cantrip

  • Create a wall
  • Create complex object – vehicle
  • Green Lantern-style effects
  • Zones and areas of effecct

At-Will Metamorphic Cantrip

  • Giving self abilities and augmenting physical characteristics

At-Will Polymorph Cantrip

  • Changing others


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Psion Class

Order of the Nomad

Order of the Awakened

Order of the Shaper

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