Shaper (Psion)

Order of the Shaper is a subclass for the Psion class.

Order of the Shaper


Bonus Disciplines

At 1st level, you learn two additional psionic disciplines of your choice. They must be chosen from among the Shaper disciplines.

Augmented Shaping

At 1st level, you gain a free slot once per long rest to augment a summoned creature. That slot should scale with your level.

Bonus Action

At 6th level, you can grant an extra action to a summoned creature. You cannot use this feature again until you complete a long rest. Reaction to grant it?

Buff Summons

At 10th level, once per long rest a summoned creature comes in with a second free augment. Stacks on top of 1st level, to one creature.

Legendary Resistance

At 14th, pick a summoned creature and it gets a few free automatically saving throws before the next long rest.

Super Summons

At 18th level, when you summon a creature it has a big spike based on its level – could be damage, could be a buff, maybe pick an ability and it triggers for free or maximized.
Alternate – revivify a summoned creature

Summon Monster

1st level conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action to summon, bonus to augment
Range: 60 ft.
Components: V, S
Duration: 24 hours or long rest
School: Conjuration

Basic effects of the spell:

  • Spell slot determines a few effects

  • Hit points

  • Attacks

Baseline AC, speed, etc.

  • Speed and AC equal to tier 2 character

  • AC = rogue/cleric, 15 or 16

  • Speed 30, no special movement

  • Origin point for psionic powers (psion)

Lvl HP Atk Buff HP Buff Dmg
1 5.5 1d6 11 +1d6
2 11 1d8 16.5 +1d10
3 22 1d10 27.5 +2d8
4 27.5 1d10 33 +2d10
5 28.5 2d6 44 +4d6
6 49.5 2d6 55
7 55 2d6 60.5
8 60.5 2d6 66
9 77 2d8 82.5

Summoned creature buffs:

  • Nightmare creature – this creature looks like the stuff of a target creature’s nightmare, causing it to suffer a fear effect (psionic)

  • Dream creature – as above, but charms and controls (psionic)

  • Rage/Tank creature – draws attacks (psionic)

  • Inspiring creature – buffs you and/or allies (psionic)

  • Increase max and current HP (generic)

    • Discounted healing (generic)

  • Augment basic attacks (generic)

    • More attacks

    • Increase base damage

    • Psychic damage (psionic)

    • Ranged attack (psionic)

  • Aura effect – positive or negative (psionic)

  • Attack riders

    • Grapple

    • Grant penalties

    • Superior reach

    • “Poison” – damage spike

    • One shot spells?

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