The Hive (Warlock Patron)

Check out The Hive, a new Warlock patron on DM’s Guild!

This post will be updated with build notes once I’ve cleaned them up.

One thought on “The Hive (Warlock Patron)

  1. I love the flavor of it, but the 6th-level ability is more of a ribbon than a reason to take the class. It seems like that should be paired with a more combat-focused ability.

    14th level ability seems pretty mediocre compared to the other patron abilities. Telepathy is the first thing a warlock of the Great Old One gets, and knowing where your allies are isn’t very exciting when a warlock of the Fiend can deal 10d10 psychic damage to an enemy.

    I dunno, though, maybe the expanded spell list and combination of everything would make up for those issues. It’d have to be tested, of course.


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