Pact of the Genie Warlock Subclass Release and Build Notes

I’ve heard some rumblings lately from players who want a Pact of the Genie subclass for the Warlock. I’m happy to oblige. Introducing via the DM’s Guild:

Pact of the Genie
Pact of the Genie

Build Notes

I started this build by taking a look at genies and what they have to offer. Since each genie (Dao, Djinn, Efreet, Marid) has limited access to some spells and spell-like class abilities, the Monster Manual provided a good starting point for evaluating what should go into the subclass. Since there was great flavor in each of the genie types, I wanted to reflect that option in the subclass.

Expanded Spell List

The first issue I tackled was the expanded spell list. I was able to identify a handful of spells that tracked classical notions of powers that a genie would be implored to use. You can sate all the baser desires of mortal creatures: shelter (Sanctuary), physical prowess (Enlarge/Reduce), sustenance (Create Food and Water), material possessions (Fabricate), and compelling the actions of others (Geas).

Here is also where we see the genie type bleeding into the class. Since the elemental flavor of each is different, the second spell on their extended spell list is controlled by the type of genie. Each gets spells thematically appropriate to their element. Appropriately, I dug into the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion for a lot of these spells.

Of the Lamp

I wanted the genie pact warlock to jump out of the gate with something that served the genie flavor. The ability to poof into a lamp, bottle, or similar receptacle really brings that to life at level 1.

I was cautious in building this ability to ensure that it was not overpowered, especially since Warlock is already such an easy dip. That’s why it takes a full action to enter or escape–to alleviate any action economy shenanigans where the genie would be popping in and out every turn. Requiring the warlock to take any spillover damage from the destruction of the receptacle also prevents the warlock from using the lamp as an invulnerability fortress. Finally, even if the warlock finds an adamantine flask to hide out in, they can be culled forth with a simple rub.

Unconditionally Elemental

Since Dao are immune to the Petrified condition, I took that concept and ran with it. Djinn pact warlocks are immune to being restrained, since they flow freely like the wind. Efreet pact warlocks are immune to being stunned, much like a raging fire has a dangerous backdraft. Marid pact warlocks are immune to being poisoned, since their aqueous form is capable of flushing out any toxins.

Carefully Worded

In homage to the genie’s mythological proclivity to twist the words of those who request wishes, the genie pact warlock gains proficiency in the Charisma-based skill of their choice.

Limited Wish

Finally, once per day, you can grant a limited scope of wishes.

I tracked the downcasting ability of the Wish spell by just allowing you to cast any spell in the level below what would be available. Since this ability comes online at level 14, when normal spellcasters would have access to 7th level spells, I allowed access to one 6th level spell. While this allows you to go outside the normal range of spells available to warlocks, it is only one spell level up, and it comes online four levels after warlocks get access to 5th level spells.

I hope you enjoy the subclass! Please share any comments or suggestions you may have to improve it!


2 thoughts on “Pact of the Genie Warlock Subclass Release and Build Notes

  1. I like what you did here. Though I would have to tweak for my table.

    I kind of feel like the Limited Wish refreshing on a short rest is a little too powerful. They already get 1 6th level spell with Mystic Arcanum at 11th level.

    No other class gets a 2nd 6th level slot until 19th level, and this ability is giving the Warlock the ability to cast 2-6 (depending on # of short rests) 6th level spells per day (1-5 of them can be any 6th level spell in the game.


  2. I agree with Studynot that Limited Wish should recharge after a long rest, but the only other thing I would change is replacing Conjure Barrage with Fireball. It’s a really great concept otherwise! Well done!


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