Conditions Chart by Effect

While the standard DM screen is great, I’ve always been one for a personalized DM screen. There’s no more useful tool than the one you’ve built for the specific purpose of helping you at the table. One thing that I constantly reference is conditions. Now, on the DM screen, this information is basically ripped whole-cloth from the back of the Player’s Handbook. It’s presented in the original format, which just lists the conditions with bullet points underneath indicating the various effects. As a result, it takes up more than a full board on the DM’s screen. We can do better.

As a service to (myself and) DMs everywhere, I’ve digested the conditions into their various effects: ability checks, attack rolls, attacks against, movement, special attributes (generally aimed at limiting spellcaster efficacy), and terminating causes. I’ve also marked an asterisk on the conditions that have incapacitated as a sub-condition.

You can grab it on the DM’s Guild:

conditions cover

Print this out and bring it to your table, or clip/tape it to your DM screen. If you’re using the standard screen, you’ve opened up a half-page of real estate that you can fill with campaign specifics or other fiddly rules that you have trouble remembering.

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