mXc Traps

Today we feature five traps/challenges inspired by Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (mXc), a show which uses repurposed footage of Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle. Adjust the flavor of the traps to fit your dungeon. Adjust the damage of the traps as appropriate for the party and situation.

Boulder Dash

Defenders attempt to dislodge large boulders down an inclined hallway to stall attackers. Small nooks along the sides of the path offer some reprieve, but they are filled with defenders attempting to shove the attackers into the path of the falling rocks.

Steep Climb. As a result of the inclined grade, players move at ½ speed. For a harder challenge, make the hallway longer.

Rolling Boulders. On initiative 20 and 10, roll a d20. If the result matches or beats the initiative, all creatures in the hallway must make a DC 10 Dexterity save. On a successful save, a creature can retreat up to their movement down the path. Any creature still in the path after that is knocked prone and takes damage based on the size of the boulder.

Hidden Nooks. Hidden nooks along the sides of the inclined hallway offer cover from the falling rocks.

…and Their Occupants. Nooks can be filled with creatures that attempt to prevent the attackers from taking cover. They can shove or throw projectiles at attackers. Small creatures can squeeze into spaces together. Medium or larger creatures must be grappled and pulled out of the space.

Fly Trap

What appears to be a simple rope swing to a climbing wall offers a nasty surprise for adventurers. The goal is at the top, but the wall is difficult to ascend and a perilous fall awaits below.

Vine Swing. A simple Strength (Athletics) check to swing on the vine to the climbing wall. A higher result means the player lands farther up the wall.

Climbing. Because of slickness, stickiness, grasping vines, or crumbling rocks, adventurers can only climb the wall at half speed. Consider using a vine blight stat block or spike growth spell for the wall. For a harder challenge, make the wall taller.

The Pit. The pit can be any number of things. The carnivorous juices of a pitcher plant waiting to digest the adventurers. Spikes. Magma. Mud. Water. Adjust damage accordingly.

…and The Defenders. Defenders may take advantage of the high ground and attack with projectiles, potentially knocking the adventurers off the wall to the pit below. When hit with an object, give the creature a CON save not to fall. Use the concentration mechanic to set the DC.

Stone Skip

Creatures must dash across collapsing rocks. They don’t hold weight for long, and some don’t hold weight at all! So move quickly and don’t step on the wrong rock!

Rock Run. Roll a d12 to jump to a rock. If the d12 matches any prior roll on this run, the rock collapses and you are washed into the riptide. Use 4 rocks (43% chance of failure), 5 rocks (62% chance of failure), or 6 rocks (78% chance of failure).

Riptide. A strong current washes anyone who falls back to the start. Creatures take damage bashing against each rock they passed. Roll a damage die for each success.

Platform Swing

The MacGuffin (or the path ahead) awaits on an elevated platform. A difficult rope swing separates you from the delicate landing.

Rope Swing. Set a high DC on the Strength (Athletics) check to represent the difficulty of nailing this bullseye landing.

Try, Try Again. Fill the pit with water or mud so characters can try again.

…and The Swimmers. Keep the tension up by filling the pit with piranha, crocodiles, or hippos.

Station Rotation

A spinning platform ferries creatures among a series of stations.

Rotating Platform. Creatures make a low DC Strength (Athletics) check to board the spinning platform. Only a spectacular failure should be punished here.

Small Bases. Small stationary platforms can only hold two medium creatures at a time. Consider placing a switch at each station that must be simultaneously activated to open the way forward, or have each station open to a different part of the dungeon.

Obstacles. Between each station, creatures must make a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to dodge an obstacle.

Try, Try Again. Creatures in the pit can climb back to the start. The pit doesn’t need to be filled. Falling damage can provide an attrition mechanic. Add height for more damage, or add water for less damage.

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