Items from Mythology: Wax Earplugs

In Greek mythology, the Sirens sing a cursed melody. Orpheus guided the Argonauts past the Sirens by playing his lyre to drown their song. Odysseus plugged his crew's ears with wax and ordered himself bound to the mast of his ship while sailing past the Sirens. For adventuring parties who find themselves without a rockin' … Continue reading Items from Mythology: Wax Earplugs

Character Background Generators Miss the Point

I applaud the folks who have put together automatic character background generators. It's a programming feat at the intersection of smarts and mind-numbing labor. I have tinkered with a few of these github/google sheets generators with moral ambivalence (leaving the discussion of their legality aside), as the owner two copies of Xanathar's Guide to Everything … Continue reading Character Background Generators Miss the Point